2015 jiangxi tourism commodity exposition on the 27th of September 25 solstice held in nanchang international exhibition center, vice governor of Mr Zhu attended the opening ceremony. The brigade fair, from more than 20 provinces and cities in the country thousands of tourist commodities to participate in the exhibition. Has the "China well-known trademark" silver saint king company as fuzhou city well-known enterprises with brand name products exhibition.


The tourism commodity exposition with "boutiques carnival, trade event" as the theme, the exhibition tourism in jiangxi province were set fine galleries, 11 local characteristic tourist commodities exhibition area, the provincial swimming exhibition area, tourism real estate exhibition tourism, ecological tourism toilet area and wisdom exhibition galleries, seven themes. Including fuzhou pavilion named "the qingyuan floor", highlights the linchuan culture elements, opened up a new travel leisure products, traditional arts and crafts, exhibit bath facilities supplies, sporting goods and so on characteristics, brought together many tourism commodity production service enterprises and brand products, silver saint king company for the event is only one bathroom facilities supplies enterprises have received the widespread attention.


On the morning of September 25, vice mayor of fuzhou city Liu Ju jiao visited zhuhai pavilion with great interest, and came before the king silver st company booth and wear intimate conversation, always put the total to vice mayor liu silver saint king company was introduced in detail the development experience and brand features, vice mayor liu after listen to my travel products showed a keen interest in the company, and appreciate the innovation and development of the company.


I company for the first time to participate in the tourism commodities fair, the company leadership attaches great importance to and exhibition related to prepare ahead of time, the exhibition of products are independent innovation products of the company, with novel and unique, energy conservation, environmental protection, the concept of inheritance and innovation as the theme, the leadership and the vast number of consumers highly appreciated; Through this exhibition, also let silver saint king company and brand products have obtained a great promotion opportunities.


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